Our experts can help you figure out which equipment will get the job done in the most efficient and cost-effective way—and when something goes wrong, we’ll know what to do to get you back up and running fast.


We’re a family-run business that puts our employees and customers first. No matter your situation, you’ll know Brehob has your back and will make sure you get what you need to keep your equipment running affordably.


Forget hassles with sourcing and delivery or confusing POs. When you work with Brehob, you get clearly written documentation and multiple people double-checking your order for accuracy. We’ll do everything we can to get you what you what you need fast and in a convenient and efficient way.


Some smaller suppliers might not have what you need in an emergency or be able to come on-site after hours. With Brehob, you have a team ready and waiting to get the job done, no matter the time or day.

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Al Brehob and Charles Smither, coworkers at Meier Electric, noticed a trend. As Meier grew, the motor division began to become less important to the owners. The longtime friends discussed it and felt that despite changing times, there were still customers needing the product. So Al and Charles ventured on their own to create their own company. Because the Brehob name was established and trusted across Indy’s south side, they decided to use the Brehob name. In 1953 Brehob Electric Equipment was born.

As the years went by, Al and Charles grew the business based on a simple principle – treat employees like family and customers like you’d like to be treated. This touchstone proved a successful model for the young company and Brehob continued to strengthen its commitment to its customers and to the community.

A New Generation (and New Industries)

As business grew, loyal customers and next generation family members began to join the Brehob Electric team. At six, Charles Smither’s son Pat was frequenting the shop; eager to help. At sixteen, he began working part-time and summers. When a full-time opportunity came Pat happily embraced the ins and outs of running a now very successful business.

When Al Brehob passed away in 1968, the Smither family fully assumed responsibility of the Brehob Corporation. The company, in tune with the changing marketplace, expanded into air compressors and cranes/hoists.

Pat Smither took over as President and Owner when his father retired, although the consensus is Charles Smither never really retired. He remains invested in his family’s company so much he still spends a great deal of time in the shop.

Today, Brehob is recognized as an industry leader in Electric Motors, Cranes, Air Compressors and Hoists. Pat continues to move the company forward, preserving the Brehob legacy, while his sons have also joined the ranks.

His son, Bryan says,

“This industry is always changing. It’s challenging to know what our next product or service line might be or what the future holds. What’s simple, however, is to follow the successful business model of dedication to customer service and employee relations created by my grandfather and his partner. It’s served Brehob and Brehob’s customers well for over sixty years and we believe it will for many more.”