Rotary Screw Compressors

Brehob is proud to work with the highest quality rotary screw compressor manufacturers, including Quincy. When you need large volumes of high-pressure air and limited vibration, rotary screw compressors help get the job done.

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New and Improved Quincy QGD & QGDV Series 

Qunicy’s improved QGD and QGDV are even quieter, more durable and more efficient than other models. These units have several key features that promote simple maintenance and fast servicing to minimize downtime and labor costs.


The QGD rotary air compressor line is specifically designed to provide reliable compression in the most challenging applications. Available in 15 to 60 HP and running 70 to 281 acfm at 125 psig, the QGD’s Airlogic 2 advanced control enables the compressor to operate with maximum efficiency. With a sound level as low as 66 dBA, you’re assured of quiet operation. The QGD is also designed for easy serviceability and has an industrial-grade enclosure.

Brochure: QGD-QGDV


The Quincy QGDV series is a high performance variable speed rotary screw compressor package that can be used in a wide range of applications, with 70.8 – 141.3 acfm at 125 psig. All QGDV units from 15 horsepower to 30 horsepower feature industry leading efficiency and serviceability, as well as the Airlogic 2 advanced control and an industrial-grade enclosure. The models can be configured as basic units or can be equipped with some basic options to best fit your application. All QGDV models have low sound levels, small footprint and the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry.

Brochure: QGD-QGDV


The QSI line of compressors is the flagship of the Quincy rotary screw compressor offerings. Available in horsepower from 50 to 350, this is the product line against which all others are measured. The design premise upon which this product was based was to produce the most reliable, lowest maintenance, most efficient compressor possible. Features like the percent capacity gauge, fluid pump, direct-coupled airend, axial flow inlet housing, dual probe shutdown system, oversized coolers and fluid separators and higher full load standard pressures are the result of a very directed effort to produce a product that was second to none.

Brochures: QSIi90-225  QSIi-245i-500i  QSI-600-1500


The QGV line is the most stable pressure available with a 85% turndown. The QGV compressor is available in horespowers from 20 to 200.  The compressor will hold pressures +/- 2 psi to help keep your machines working properly. The QGV compressor provides low cost of ownership, easy maintenance and reliable operation. Some of the QGV features include direct-drive airend, heavy duty intake filter, unique low demand mode, lower power consumption, standard low sound enclosure, full color touch-screen display and 10-Year Royal Blue Warranty.

Brochure:  QGV-Variable Speed

Quincy QGS Series

The Quincy QGS line of air compressors has the ability to provide customers with an efficient, space-saving compressed air system at an affordable price. Quincy’s QGS is manufactured with some of the industry’s most efficient, time-proven components in a belt drive air compressor. The goal of Quincy’s QGS line is to help drive customer profitability by lowering the total cost of ownership, while providing them with the performance and reliability they have come to expect from Quincy compressors.

The QGS air compressor has the features, benefits and advantages of larger units in a package that fits specific customer applications at a price they can afford. These features and benefits make the QGS ideally suited for light industrial facilities and the customer with less stringent applications.

Brochures: QGS5-30hp  QGS40-100