Crane Fabrication & Installation

When we say crane, we’re not talking about the towering piece of machinery driving around the nearest job site. We specialize in material handling cranes. These cranes provide solutions for your facility to handle heavy-duty materials that require more than some muscle and elbow grease.

Bridge Cranes

You need a supplier who can stay on top of the job and under your budget! Brehob will build the crane with an eye on the need and the bottom line. We specialize in overhead bridge cranes – single or double girder. Our primary weight focus is 1 ton to 50 tons, but we’ve built ‘em both larger and smaller. You tell us what you need to lift. We’ll engineer the solution!

Jib and Gantry Cranes

Brehob’s specialty niche in customized solutions continues to answer customers’ biggest production challenges. Over the years, we’ve created custom wall and column mounted jib cranes. Our gantry cranes can also be custom engineered for a wide variety of structural needs. Brehob’s expert personnel will study your application and develop the right solution.

Watch our Team at Work

These 100 foot, 7.5 ton box girder cranes are a perfect example of what the Brehob team can do to make your production more efficient. See the installation below.

Not sure what you need? Read our guide to “Crane & Hoist Quotes Made Simple” on the Brehob blog, and then contact one of our 24-hour service representatives.