How Hiring a Consultant Can Save Big Money for Your Plant

Imagine this: your company is growing fast, and it’s time to move production to a new, bigger building. You’ve tackled all the obvious issues—the property is purchased or leased, the move-in date established, the crew prepared. But once you get all your equipment moved in, you realize you’ve got bigger problems: you need different electric wiring, or the beams won’t support your hoist, or you don’t have enough room to put your air compressor where you need it.

Now you’re subject to huge expense, as equipment has to be moved back out, contractors must be hired to do rush jobs, and production stops.

Or what about this scenario: you’ve put together your budget for the next year based on anticipated needs and your company’s goals. But as new equipment is purchased, new employees arrive, and production ramps up, your team isn’t adapting fast enough. You have to put other projects aside to focus on training and finding ways to be more efficient just to meet your numbers. Forget about getting ahead—you’re just keeping your head above water.

Planning Ahead Means Greater Efficiency, Fewer Headaches

Any plant manager or small business owner knows the power of planning ahead. When you don’t get a chance to anticipate issues, you’re caught unaware and costs mount. Upfront work now means fewer headaches later.

But you can’t always predict what will go wrong, and you’ve got too many things on your plate to catch every single issue. So how do you make sure you’re planning ahead in the smartest way possible?

At Brehob, we often find that adding some additional brainpower at just the right time can make all the difference. You don’t need to hire additional full-time people—just find the right consultant who can tackle your issue and provide an expert set of outside eyes to catch what your own team might miss. Often, consultants have experience, contacts, and know-how with logistics, supply chains, and production that can benefit you exactly when you need it most.

When to Involve a Consultant

1. When moving into a new space

One of Brehob’s long-time customers is moving into a space that’s 5x bigger than their current plant—10,000 square feet vs. 50,000! That’s a big change, so they’ve hired Brehob to help them ensure the space is ready to go when they move in. Our team’s vast experience means we’ve been able to quickly diagnose potential problems and make changes now so they won’t lose any time in the transition. A consultant like those at Brehob can review your engineering plans and architectural designs, adding their own specs on top.

2. When training employees

From webinars to on-site training, a consultant can take getting your employees up to speed off your plate. At Brehob, we often help clients plan training schedules and provide materials that make the process run more smoothly.

3. When budgeting

A good consultant has experience with a variety of industries, issues, and equipment. When you need another opinion or a second set of eyes to ensure you’ve got everything covered to meet your company’s goals, a consultant like those at Brehob can be an invaluable resource.

4. When looking for ways to cut costs and increase efficiency

Sometimes having a fresh pair of eyes from a third party review what you’re doing can help you find things you’ve missed. We’ve helped companies of all sizes find cost savings and improve their bottom line—use that experience to help you shape your plant for the better.

Brehob Can Help

Facing an issue where you might need some extra help? From logistics to supply chain to production, we’ve got the experience to make a difference. Give us a call at 317-231-8080 or send us a message to see if Brehob’s consultant services are right for your company.