Product Spotlight: Quincy Compressor’s New QGD & QGDV Series

As part of our mission to ensure customers get the efficient, reliable equipment they need, Brehob is proud to work with some of the best manufacturers around—like Quincy Compressor. Since 1920, Quincy has been designing and manufacturing industry-leading air compressors, vacuum pumps, air treatment products, and more.

Today we’re shining the spotlight on Quincy’s next generation of proven compressed air technology: the QGD and QGDV Series rotary-screw compressors.

These new units boast a variety of features that will make maintenance and operation easier—and more cost-efficient.

1. Choice of Drive Systems

Choose from fixed or variable speed drive options to match your needs. The QGD 15-30 HP and 40-60 HP models are offered with a fixed speed drive, while the QGDV 15-30 HP comes with a variable speed drive that’s up to 50% more energy efficient. This can reduce your compressor’s lifecycle costs by an average of 37%.

2. Reduction in Footprint

With a significant reduction in footprint, the QGD and larger QGDV are designed for greater installation flexibility. Reduced vibration and noise levels (lowered by 3 decibels) make these compressors suitable for practically any application.

3. Reduced Energy Costs

The QGD and QGDV are 4-20% more efficient than previous models, making use of energy-efficient technologies like an IE3/NEMA Class 1 efficiency motor, gear drivetrain, energy efficient air ends, a new Airlogic2 controller, and a special drivetrain-cooling canopy.

4. Simplified Maintenance

In addition to reducing energy costs by efficiently cooling the unit, the new canopy construction improves accessibility and makes maintenance easy. With extended filter life and reduction in lubricant capacity, Quincy has reduced the cost of ownership over the life of the unit. Hinged, quick-release panels with instant access to all consumables minimize downtime and reduce maintenance cost.

Other features we’re impressed by: the available software to network with up to 6 units, and, of course, Quincy’s “True Blue” 5-Year manufacturer warranty.

Want more info? Download the new QGD & QGDV product brochure or visit our Rotary Screw Compressor page.

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