Spring Preventative Maintenance for Your Equipment

outdoor water pump

Spring is almost here, and as seasons and temperatures change, it’s a great time to make sure you have the right maintenance plan in place for your industrial equipment and machinery. As any plant manager, factory owner, or engineer knows, preventative maintenance can make all the difference when it comes to avoiding downtime and keeping costs low. Catching an issue before it happens is almost always cheaper than having a machine break down during production.

At Brehob, one of our biggest priorities is to help our customers keep everything running smoothly. Here’s a few tips from our service and maintenance teams to consider this spring.

The rainy season can mean overworked pumps, dryers, and more

April showers may bring May flowers, but they also bring a lot of water. This means your pumps, pump stations, water shelters, and purification systems—anything that deals with an influx of water—are going to be working hard. As the moisture levels go up, so does the need for drying air. Make sure your pumps, dryers, and other equipment are in good shape and prepared to take on the workload of a rainy spring.

Fluctuating humidity and temperatures can stress equipment

Any machine that’s outside, whether it’s an air compressor, electric motor, exterior hoist, gantry crane, or other equipment, is susceptible to wear and tear from both changing humidity and changing temperatures. Moisture and particles in the air can lead to corrosion and clogged vents or filters. When the heat rises, electric motors and other equipment can run hotter, leaving them more susceptible to damage and failure. The result is low efficiency or equipment that stops working right when you need it. As the weather changes in spring and early summer, it’s a good idea to make sure every machine has been serviced and is ready to roll, with any issues taken care of ahead of time.

Some basic “spring cleaning” now can mean less frustration later

Any seasonal change is a good time to check your equipment, and spring is the perfect time to get on an appropriate preventative maintenance schedule for the rest of the year. Check and replace any filters, test for leaks, check hoses, valves, and cords, change your pump oil, tighten bolts, inspect belts—taking the time now to develop and implement a maintenance plan can mean lots of saved hassle later.

Brehob’s custom preventative maintenance services are designed to take care of all these concerns for you, year-round. Whatever your production schedule, equipment, load cycle, or budget, we can build a maintenance plan to meet your needs. There’s no better way to reduce downtime and costs. Give us a call at (317) 231-8080 to get started today.