Trick or Treat at Brehob Corporation Today!

We are excited to be hosting our annual Halloween party today for kids at the local pre-school, the Concord Neighborhood Center.

Executive Director Niki Girls says of the event, “it’s a rip-running good time for the kids.” Both children and staff alike dress up for the event, and the kids get to trick-or-treat from office to office, ending with a party in the staff lounge. “They’ve got a little bit of everything for the kids. They do a fabulous job,” Niki said.

Looking back at the Concord Neighborhood Center’s 40-year relationship with the company, Charles Smither, played an active role on the Center’s board. Since retiring he has passed on the position to his son Pat who has now invited his son to join the board as well.

Girls says that above all, Brehob is a wonderful part of the community. “Anything they’re planning on doing they go above and beyond to talk to the people in this neighborhood. You couldn’t ask for a better neighbor.”

Brehob takes pride in being a caring neighbor and being an organization who plays a part in its community.